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Spring 2020 Refund Information

Here is our Spring 2020 refund plan information:

  • As always, you, our club families, are our priority for any decisions we make. We worked hard to consider compassion in this time of need, club financial stability, and the logistics of implementing our plan.  We have decided to maximize the size of the refunds we can give and are accepting a significant financial loss for the club as a result
  • It takes money to keep the club running, we have to pay for facilities, upkeep, IT, licensing, certifications, insurance, post office, and more even if games aren’t played. Club fees go toward all those and we aren't getting money back for those costs.
  • Currently, for CLUB FEES (the $200 of your fees owed to the club), we are offering three options:
    1. A cash refund, we will send you back 80% ($160 or your $200)
    2. A full credit for your club fees for the Fall 2020 season, or the Spring 2021 season if your player does not play in the Fall
    3. A tax deductible donation to the club
  • By accepting a credit for a future season, we can spread the impact from the financial hit and reduce the negative effects of returning funds
  • For the donation, we hope that everyone recognizes that as a club, we work extremely hard to keep our club fees at an absolute minimum and function on a very narrow margin. We are a volunteer ran organization and every dollar in reduces the financial burden of all players.  By donating your fees to the club, you will help us keep our club fees as low as possible
  • With our new online payment system, accepting a roster spot at tryouts this year will require a nonrefundable $100 deposit (which goes toward your $200 club fee). If you take the future season credit, you will be provided a code to apply $100 of your credit toward this nonrefundable deposit.  Accepting a roster offer and using a portion of your credit toward position acceptance deposits will commit you to the credit option and you will no longer be eligible for the cash option
  • If you select the future season credit (but do not use any of the credit to accept a position) and change your mind later, your credit can be converted to the 80% cash refund through 30 June 2020
  • After 30 June 2020, all unclaimed refunds or credits will be converted to the donation option
  • Individual coaches will determine how to handle their team fee balances with respect to refunds. If you choose the cash refund, the team fee refund amount determined by your coach will be included with your club fee refund check.  If you choose either the future season credit or donation option, the team fee refund amount determined by your coach will be kept in your team’s account.  If you have questions about your team fees, please contact your coach
  • To specify your refund request, please complete this form once for each of your BUSC players.  All refund requests MUST be made through this form!!!
  • Once we confirm team funds refunds from coaches, we will begin to process submitted and verified refund requests as quickly as we can. However, this must be done "by hand" and will take some time. We will let you know when we start sending checks. 

* Our refund plan is conditional on the Fall 2020 season being played (which we anticipate at this time) - if the Fall 2020 season is not able to be played, all credits may converted back to the 80% cash refund option or applied to full credit toward club fees for Spring 2021

* Note: Our Girls ’02 Extreme team has always directly managed their team financial account.  If you have a player on this team, please work directly with your team manager for your refund


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