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Photo Guide

Player photos should be like driver's license photos.  Our leagues registrars inspect and approve/unapprove every player and coach photo based on this expectation.  This is an example of a good player photo, matching league expectations:









MVYSA has provided a list of Top 10 Reasons a Photo might be Unapproved:

  1. Face is too small to tell who the person is
  2. Face is too dark to tell who the person is
  3. Photo is of something other than the person
  4. Photo includes faces of more than one person
  5. Photo is not clear enough to tell who the person is
  6. Photo is not in color
  7. The person is wearing hat, sunglasses, headphones or other items obstructing view of face
  8. Photo does not show all of face
  9. Photo includes an animal
  10. Photo is more than 6 months old


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