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Player Registration Guide

Player Registration Guide

Registration for BUSC teams is now a multi-step process within the Demosphere system.  All initial registrations for BUSC Club teams start in "Open Registration" or a "Tryout".  Player photos are required for this step.  Please refer to the photo guide below for tips getting a proper photo uploaded.  This registration adds the player to the general pool of available players for assignment to team rosters.  Because of this, players register only for a general age group, which is their birth year or any year prior to their birth year.

When selected for a team, players will receive an email invite to accept their position on the roster.  The annual club fee must be accepted and either paid or placed into an optional payment plan.  Until the "Accept" action is completed through the green "Accept" button in the invite email, they player is not officially on the team roster.

When accepting your position, you must complete all the way through Step 5 and should receive a confirmation email.  During this process, you will be asked to complete a number of waivers and forms.  These are all required items added in by Ohio Soccer Association.  You are not complete unless you see this screen:

If at any time you find yourself stuck or with quesions about the process, please contact us here: info@butlerunitedsoccer.com

Photo Guide

Photo Guide

Player photos should be like driver's license photos.  Our leagues registrars inspect and approve/unapprove every player and coach photo based on this expectation.  This is an example of a good player photo, matching league expectations:









MVYSA has provided a list of Top 10 Reasons a Photo might be Unapproved:

  1. Face is too small to tell who the person is
  2. Face is too dark to tell who the person is
  3. Photo is of something other than the person
  4. Photo includes faces of more than one person
  5. Photo is not clear enough to tell who the person is
  6. Photo is not in color
  7. The person is wearing hat, sunglasses, headphones or other items obstructing view of face
  8. Photo does not show all of face
  9. Photo includes an animal
  10. Photo is more than 6 months old

Photo Update Process

Photo Update

If you need to update a photo for a particpant, you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account on our page
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and in "My Account" click on Manage Profile to go to TeamNet
  3. In TeamNet, click on "My Household" in the left side menu
  4. Select the "Members" tab on the right
  5. Edit the particpant that need an updated photo by clicking the Pencil Icon below their name

Proof of Birth Document Guide

Proof of Birth Document Guide

One of the benefits of the new, online system is that players should only need to upload their Proof of Birth (PoB) document once and be age verified from then on.  Acceptable PoB documents include a Birth Certificate or Passport.  Uploading PoB images can be a bit tricky as many cell phone camera's take photos at such a high resolution that the file size is too large to be uploaded.  If you are receiving error messages related to image size when trying to upload your players PoB, try some of these work-arounds and reduce the image size to under 5 MB:

  • Check phone camera settings and turn the image resolution setting down

  • On Windows computers, the standard "Photos" app has a "Resize" function.  Open the image in the Photos app and click the "..." in the top right of the screen.  You will see the "Resize" option there

  • When we text photos, they are compressed in the process.  You could text the image to someone else in the household, then save that image and use it.

MVYSA has provided a list of Top 6 Reasons a PoB might be Unapproved:

  1. What was uploaded is not an acceptable PoB - ie face shot, logo, cat...
  2. PoB image is too small to verify name and birth date - can't be read
  3. Name entered in Demosphere system does not EXACTLY match players name on PoB
  4. Birth date does not match PoB
  5. PoB is not an acceptable birth certificate or passport. Hospital certificates are NOT acceptable
  6. PoB image is incomplete


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