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BUSC Joma Uniforms

JOMA Uniforms

BUSC is excited to announce a new sponsorship for Joma uniforms, starting Spring 2021! 

Here are some of our younger players sporting the new look:



Joma is a large Spanish brand looking to build in the US market - Butler United is the first club in the area to wear a Joma kit!  If you're interested in who Joma sponsors, this link shows all their teams.

Soccer Plus Ordering Link

Uniforms will now be ordered directly by families from our new vendor, Soccer Plus.  Once launched, a BUSC storefront will be available for orders all year round.  In late June/early July, households will receive an email from Soccer Plus with a link to personalized accounts and storefronts made specifically for each player.  Soccer Plus is located south of town near the Dayton Mall.  We are planning to have 3 ordering periods (Jul/Oct/Feb) a year where the club will set an order deadline and will then pickup and distribute purchases directly to our teams.  Orders can be made at any other time, but would need to be shipped or picked up at the store.

This kit was selected based on a number factors, including:

  • Pricing in line with costs from our old uniforms
  • Unique and cohesive branded look from a respected and quality company
  • Availability of BUSC purple (more of a challenge than we had expected)
  • Women's fit options for older girls teams (unfortunately, unavailable for Fall '21 due to global shortages)
  • More flexible transitions between jersey versions

The image below lays out this flexible, blended transition between jersey updates.  The alternate/practice jersey, shorts, and socks are "everlasting" and should be available continuously even when the purple game jerseys are updated.  The update model used by Joma is what enables this blended transition, assuring every team at least two (and often three) years in the same game jersey - each style has a three year life cycle and there is always a one or two year overlap.  Soccer Plus online store fronts will offer the appropriate jersey for each player, based on the team's jersey choice.

For Fall 2021, teams that were previously wearing the High Five Galactic (Tiger Stripe) jersey have the option to switch over completely to Joma or continue wearing the Galactic jersey for one more year.  All shorts, socks, and alternate jerseys purchased from Soccer Plus will be Joma items and are considered compatible with existing shorts, socks, and alternate jerseys.

Joma Sizing Information

Joma Sizing

As a Spanish company, the sizing of Joma uniforms is a more "European" fit and different from what we are used to with our previous jerseys.  Our "Legacy" style, older jerseys were by High Five (Galactic "Tiger Stripe" purple jerseys) and Sport-Tek (alternate/practice Gray or the older solid purple mesh jerseys).  The High Five sizes are a little smaller than Sport-Tek, Joma is significantly smaller than High Five.  In general, the Joma Fit is almost a full size off - High Five Youth Medium is the equivalent size of Joma Youth Large, etc.  So if you are looking to maintain the same fit, you should move up a size.  If you are looking to get "the next size up" for your growing player, you should probably move up two sizes from their current High Five jersey.

Joma Website Sizing Information 


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