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One-on-One Interactions

The majority of child sexual abuse is perpetrated in isolated, one-on-one situations. By reducing such interactions between children and adults, you reduce the risk of child sexual abuse. However, one-on-one time with trusted adults is also healthy and valuable for a child. Policies concerning one-on-one interactions protect children while allowing for these beneficial relationships.

This policy shall apply to:
1) Adults at a facility under the jurisdiction of a Covered Organization
2) Adult members who have regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors
3) An adult authorized by a Covered Organization to have regular contact with or authority over an amateur athlete who is a minor
4) Staff and board members of a Covered Organization

(collectively, Participating Adults).

Observable and Interruptible
• One-on-one interactions between minors and an Adult (who is not the minor’s legal guardian) at our facility are permitted, if they occur at an observable and interruptible distance by another adult.  

• Isolated, one-on-one interactions between minors and an Adult (who is not the minor’s legal guardian) at our facility are prohibited, except under emergency circumstances.

• Meetings between Adults and minors at our facilities may only occur if another adult is present, except under emergency circumstances.  Such meetings must occur where interactions can be easily observed and at an interruptible distance from another adult.  

• If a one-on-one meeting takes place in an office, the door to the office must remain unlocked and open. If available, it will occur in an office that (if available) has windows, with the windows, blinds, and/or curtains remaining open during the meeting.

Meetings with Mental Health Care Professionals
If a mental health care professional meets with minors at our facilities, a closed-door meeting may be permitted to protect patient privacy – provided that (1) the door remains unlocked, (2) another adult is present at the facility, (3) the other adult is advised that a closed-door meeting is occurring, and (4) written legal guardian consent is obtained by the mental health care professional, with a copy provided to our organization.

Individual Training Sessions
Individual training sessions between Adults and minors are permitted at our facility if the training session is observable and interruptible by another adult. The Adult must obtain the written permission of the minor’s legal guardian in advance of the individual training session. Parents, guardians, and other caretakers must be allowed to observe the training session.  Permission for individual training sessions must be obtained at least every six months.

When one-on-one interactions between Adults and minors occur at our facility, adults will monitor these interactions. Monitoring includes: knowing that the one-on-one interaction is occurring, the approximate planned duration of the interaction, and randomly dropping in on the one-on-one.

Out-of-Program Contacts
Adults are prohibited from interacting one-on-one with unrelated minor athletes in settings outside of the program (including, but not limited to, one’s home, restaurants, and individual transportation), unless parent/legal
guardian consent is provided for each out-of-program contact. Such arrangements are nonetheless strongly discouraged.


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