Butler United Soccer Club

Massages and Rubdowns

This policy shall apply to:
1) Adults at a facility under the jurisdiction of a Covered Organization
2) Adult members who have regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors
3) An adult authorized by a Covered Organization to have regular contact with or authority over an amateur athlete who is a minor
4) Staff and board members of a Covered Organization

(collectively, Participating Adults).

Licensed, Certified Professional
• Any massage or rubdown performed by an Adult on a minor athlete at our facilities or a training or competition venue is prohibited
unless such Adult is a licensed massage therapist.

• Any massage or rubdown performed at our facilities or a training or competition venue by a licensed professional must be conducted in open and interruptible locations. Any massage of a minor athlete must be done with at least one other adult present and must never be done with only the minor athlete and licensed massage therapist in the room.


• Even if a coach is a licensed massage therapist, the coach shall not perform a rubdown or massage of an athlete under any circumstances.

Written Consent
Written consent by a legal guardian shall be provided before providing each massage or rubdown on a minor athlete. Parents must be permitted to be in the room as an observer.


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